Commissions are open!

When you submit a custom request you'll be added to our queue and we'll contact you directly to discuss design concepts and details of your commission. Please read all of our policies before requesting a commission. We're super easy going and are happy to work with you for as long as it takes to get your concept ironed out, but we want to make sure we're all on the same page about some of the important details. 

You can email us at to submit a commission request. You can also contact us regarding commissions via Instagram or Discord, we're happy to work with you there as well!

Our policies are as follows:

    • Please do not send us dice from other makers and request that we duplicate them. We are happy to consider other designs as inspiration, but we will not copy anyone else's concepts. Coming up with original dice concepts can be hard work, and we want to respect that for our fellow makers. 
    • We will not make any food-themed dice. Yes, this does need to be mentioned. No, we will not make any exceptions. 
    • We will communicate clearly regarding materials and requests ahead of time and will provide you with a cost estimate before we begin casting your dice. If you're requesting anything that requires a special order, we'll keep you posted on how that will effect your estimated finish date. 
    • We will do single die tests (usually d6s) to fine-tune your design before we cast the full set.
    • A maximum of two attempts will be made to create your requested design with the initial quoted price. This does not include any sets that we determine have flaws created on our end, we will always work to correct or recast those. Any further attempts will adjust the cost of the design and will be communicated before additional attempts are made. 
    • The timeline for when dice will be made is an estimate only, though it is usually one that we estimate longer rather than shorter. If for any reason your dice will take longer to complete, we'll communicate that to you ASAP. 
    • The estimate you receive will not include shipping unless you request that be included ahead of time. 
    • You are responsible for providing an accurate shipping address.
    • Once a commission is finished and you have received your final quote, we request that payment be sent within three business days. Please contact us if you need a longer timeline for any reason, we are happy to accommodate your needs!
    • If payment is not received, we are free to sell the commissioned dice as we see fit, in addition to any test pours that were made before the final product was finished.

Basically, communication is key! Your ideas and concepts are just as valuable as our time, and we want to make sure you get exactly what you want from us. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or, you know, if you just want to say hi or share a cute cat video. We love cute cat videos.